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Gary Engelke
SWIS Governor 2017-2018
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SWIS 2nd Qtr Conference
Platteville, WI
2/9/2018  7:00 PM Fri, 8:00-4:00 Sat

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A Message from this Governor

Insight into the vision, objectives and lessons from our District leadership.

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SWIS Governor 2017-2018
Slogan: "Dream, Inspire, Grow"

I have chosen three words to guide us through 2017-2018 that I find to be very powerful, DREAM, INSPIRE, and GROW. I believe all three have an impact on our organization(s), on us as individuals and more importantly on the youth that we reach and serve on a daily basis. Lets look at each one.

Governor's Update

A Message from Our Governor  GARY  ENGELKE

Slogan:  “Dig It” … Dream, Inspire, Grow

Dream:  This perhaps has the largest impact on the youth we reach and serve.  If we think long and hard, we can think back to the dreams we ourselves had as kids.   Kids are no different today.  They too have hopes and dreams and with our support, both personal and financial, they can realize their dreams as we continue to “Bring out the Best in Kids.”

My focus to build on the “Dreams” of our youth is to build upon our JOII Clubs.  With your help, we can help dreams come true and create Optimists and Leaders of tomorrow(s).

Inspire:  (stimulate, energize, motivate, encourage, enthuse, etc.)  Perhaps “Inspire” is the most powerful of all three words.  Without inspiration within our clubs, we become complacent, stagnant, non-performing, dull, dismal, etc., none of which fit into our Optimist Club Creed.  We want to be creative for the youth we serve and for ourselves.  We want our communities to look at our organizations as one they want to belong to, the ‘doers and shakers’ who get things done.  

With your help we can generate enthusiasm in our clubs, increase attendance at our quarterly conference, serve as examples our youth can look to for advice and inspire our youth to become Optimists and Leaders of tomorrow. 

Grow:  We have heard from many of my predecessors the need to not only maintain but grow our membership.  My focus is going to be to inspire clubs to grow their membership.  I am also going to focus on building new clubs.  My goal is to build no less than 3 new clubs in our SWIS District in 2017-2018. 

With your help, we can grow our club memberships and the number of clubs within our SWIS District.   It is through membership growth, we can support the Vision of our SWIS District:  “To be the premier youth serving organization in Southern Wisconsin.  With your help we can build our membership, reach more youth and build on our Leaders of Tomorrow. 


I’m excited to work with the members and clubs throughout the SWIS District during 2017-2018.  I ask that you DREAM, INSPIRE and GROW with me and Help Create a Better Tomorrow for our Youth.  

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