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Gary Engelke
SWIS Governor 2017-2018
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Village Park West
7/27/2018  5;00PM - 10;00PM

SWIS District Basket
Tri-Star Basketball, April 14
The SWIS District Tri-Star Basketball Event, planned for and held on April 14th in Mukwonago, WI. See more information in the Youth Area of the SWIS District Website.

A Message from this Governor

Insight into the vision, objectives and lessons from our District leadership.

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SWIS Governor 2017-2018
Slogan: "Dream, Inspire, Grow"

DREAM, INSPIRE, GROW! Most recently I pondered these three words I adopted as my theme back in September, 2017. I asked myself, how do they interrelate? I now know my story, and they will become a part of my life going forward. I invite you to use them also. CLUB: Platteville, WI.

Governor's Update

A Message from Our Governor

Gary Engelke

Slogan:  “Dig It”


Dream, Inspire, Grow!  One really does lead to the next when given some thought!  Here are my thoughts; I invite you to form your own.

As a child, I had many dreams of what my future would hold for me.  One of seven children, our father passed at an early age in my life, leaving my mother to work and raise the family.  A hard working woman, who wanted the best that she could provide for her children, created many dreams of what we would ‘like’ versus what we ‘had’.  Humbling at times; however the one thing that held true was the bond that grew in our family.  This bond, yet today, is far beyond what some family’s only dream of having.  I’m a person of little need and I credit this to my upbringing.  My dreams of growing up in a close knit, loving family came true for me and I carry that passion with me today.  To stop dreaming is to stop living.

 Needless to say, hard work paid off for my mother and for her seven children, of whom we all held jobs at an early age.  I can say without hesitation, I was and still am inspired by my Mother.  Her work ethics, her parenting skills, her generosity in giving of time and talent, her love for family, her giving heart, her joy of cooking, even her fun in playing cards.  I’m doing my best to inspire others through my career, being a father, volunteering for my church and sharing my time and talents through Optimist.  My dreams have inspired me to inspire others!

 From my childhood, to adolescence to being an adult, oh yes…I have grown.  Like any young man, I had my days of ‘experiencing less than favorable ideas’.  And, with my Mother at my side, I learned not to do them a second time.  I do however; believe they helped me grow into the responsible adult I am today.  Learning right from wrong is a challenge, some learn and unfortunately others do not.  With each chapter of my life, I grew and today I am proud of the man, brother, husband, father and friend I have become.  My dreams inspired me to help others, to grow into a responsible person, and encourage others to do the same.   

Continue the good you do for your clubs, your communities and our youth.  Thank you as we continue to DREAM, INSPIRE and GROW and Help Create a Better Tomorrow for our Youth. 

Happy 2018

Gary Engelke

SWIS Governor

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