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SWIS Governor 2020-2021
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A Message from this Governor

Insight into the vision, objectives and lessons from our District leadership.

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SWIS Governor 2020-2021

First, thank you to the many clubs and members who supported my first quarter conference. My nerves were working overtime up until the day of and once my Optimism took control, at 8:30 AM on November 7, 2020, the conference met all of my expectations. My goal was to honor our Veterans and I was pleased with the entire program. Thank you to Josh and Jo'El for helping to make this tribute happen and to the members who sent in pictures of Veterans in their family.

Governor's Update

CONTINUED November 23, 2020:  From comments received, I’m confident everyone in attendance enjoyed hearing from our Guest Speaker, Dr. Jeff Kueter who shared a most interesting experience in his life serving our country as well as serving three Presidents in the White House.  I would be remiss if I did not share a special thank you to John Fons.  John covered for me in facilitating the meeting following my introduction and welcome.  John was also our Keynote Speaker, providing a most inspiring presentation on “The Power of One” and how such a simply phrase impacts our lives in multiple ways. 

I do not mean to fill everyone’s mail box with email; however, being a holiday advocate, I simply could not let the upcoming holidays pass without reaching out to each and every member in the SWIS District.  Holidays are for families and our SWIS District Optimists are family.  This year will be perhaps different in some instances, with all family members not being able to gather under one roof; however, we will still be together in thought.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, the official start of the Holiday Season.  As we prepare to celebrate with family and friends, we truly have much to be thankful for in celebrating our lives, a warm home, food on our table, we pray for good health for everyone and we have the love of family and friends.

May your Holiday Season be one that is blessed with all things bright and beautiful, leaving you with fond memories and hope for the future.

“Forever in Optimism”,  Maxine Lane, SWIS District Governor 2020-2021

 October 1, 2020, SWIS 1st Quarter:  Wow, where do I start?  Perhaps Thank You!  Looking back at the August, 2019 Convention you had confidence in me and voted me in as Governor Elect.  I now address you as SWIS District Governor and I am here to tell you, I will not let you down.
The farthest thing from my mind in September, 2009, when I joined the Optimist Club Platteville was someday serving the SWIS District as Governor, primarily because of my lack of self-confidence and second guessing myself.  In my youth I experienced bullying, was not the cheerleader or overachiever; I did not think I could accomplish what I have, but because of my hard work and dedication, I have conquered many challenges over the years.
What is in our future as I serve as SWIS District Governor?

I believe strongly that each of us needs to work to mentor and get others involved.  This means that those in leadership positions need to ask/recruit other members and mentor them to allow our organization to continue to grow, be strong, be the organization of choice and serve more children.

We need to encourage and share ideas, and we can only do that by encouraging and reaching out to other members.  We need to get people involved and empower them. 

“The Power of One” is within all of us.  Reaching out, mentoring, and working in unison to reach our goals in serving children and community.

I look at the shoes I’m looking to fill as SWIS District Governor.  Intimidating, damn right!  However, I’m once again ready to meet my fears and prove that through my determination and belief, I will do the best job I can.

I recently was introduced to a new quote, “Participation if preferred over Perfection”.  I’m far from perfect although I’ve been told I’m a perfectionist.  I am Maxine Lane, upfront and honest.  If I make a mistake, I’ll admit to it. 

I am looking forward to working alongside my team members and every other member within the SWIS District.  Thank you seems so inadequate so I’ll say it twice, Thank You, for allowing me to serve you in the capacity of SWIS District Governor, 20-21.

“Forever in Optimism”,  Maxine Lane, SWIS District Governor 2020-2021

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